Embedchain Chat with PDF App

You can easily create and deploy your own chat-pdf App using Embedchain.

Here are few simple steps for you to create and deploy your app:

  1. Fork the embedchain repo from Github.

If you run into problems with forking, please refer to github docs for forking a repo.

  1. Navigate to chat-pdf example app from your forked repo:
cd <your_fork_repo>/examples/chat-pdf
  1. Run your app in development environment with simple commands
pip install -r requirements.txt
ec dev

Feel free to improve our simple chat-pdf streamlit app and create pull request to showcase your app here

  1. You can easily deploy your app using Streamlit interface

Connect your Github account with Streamlit and refer this guide to deploy your app.

You can also use the deploy button from your streamlit website you see when running ec dev command.